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Coming in 2024!

Written as a mystical allegory, this book starts with an actual transportation experience. The author was taken outside of time, disappearing and reappearing within a crowd of people. She met the Creator and experienced the very first day of Earth. Directly after this occurrence came a series of dreams, visions and trans-location travel experiences that became the foundation for writing this book. Through these revelations, the author encounters actual levels of the many dimensions within Heaven and Hell.


This book redefines the limitlessness our spirit holds. Discover exhilaration in the Heavenly dimensions with restoration, walking through dark traumas within the Hellish places. Search new perspectives of the Throne Room, the Mountain of God, legal courtrooms of Heaven and dark underworlds. Fall in love with The Healer and find new friendship with The Faceless Man. Explore Chosen’s world and experience the freedom of your own release from the places that have bound your soul.


This writing is a visual experience filled with revelation and observation. Walk through the mise en scène with Chosen, looking into the mystical atmospheres. This book can be used as a personal contemplation in healing your own trauma-wounds of fear, self-loathing and anger. It is a confirmation of curiosities.


Use this as a seer’s experience or a common spectacle into what the other side looks like. It may be used to enable God to speak into your own life, guiding you into the reality of understanding the supernatural realms of healing and restoration.

Chosen from Heaven_The Calling

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