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Prayers of Strategy

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Daily Prayers of Protection
Daily Prayers of Protection is an essential part of your daily routine. If you pray in healing, deliverance or you're praying over any territory, you must protect your spirit! This is part of putting on your armor everyday. This download includes multiple scriptures with daily, nightly and strategic prayers for many different situations in your life.
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Hearing God's Voice
What does God's voice sound like? There are many ways we can hear God. There is no set formula for God's creativity. He moves within each one of us very differently. If you're waiting for an answer to your prayers, be aware of all voices coming to you. Your pastor's words, inspiration on the radio, a child or song. Be especially aware of your thoughts.
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Freedom From Your Past

People today struggle to live a victorious, abundant life because they do not understand how to live in the present without ties and bondage to their past experiences. The Word of God and Holy Spirit reveal many truths that will set us free.

This is summarized by Linda Persinger

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Freedom From the Masonic Lodge

If you have been abused by the Masonic Lodge or have a relative who was/is active in the Lodge or Eastern Star, download this prayer and have someone help you through it. I find it's a great tool in renouncing what has been spoken over you in dark places. This comes from or

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Who I am in Christ

A great paper for yourself or someone you're working with. This simply talks about your identity in God with scripture to back up who you were created to be. This tool is essential for people who are moving through inner healing and tender places in their lives.

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