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My passion is to see people flourish in freedom within their life journey. My clients get results! Their lives become easier to navigate. They take action and they get results. I will walk with you in every complex situation. I don't want anyone to feel alone. I specialize in serving people around the world who want to make a difference in their lives. I can help you maximize your joy, success and make your life one you love to live.

Below I've written about my coaching adventure, along with more of my personal journey:

I moved out west over twenty years ago. I found myself back in art school searching for a new career into a design oriented culture. The small private school asked me to stay on after I graduated. I chose to establish myself in tutoring, assisting the instructor and teaching updated graphics programs. Computer technology is like learning a new language, especially for students who know english as a second language. I learned to heighten my listening skills so I could understand my students and learn how to assist individual concerns. With this, I became a sounding board to deeper problems within each individual's life. People with high depression and anxiety seemed to follow me and my deep compassion to help them increased. One night a student called me at home and wanted to thank me for my words. He told me that he was going to crawl into the oven and end his life that night. But he remembered my words and changed his mind. This event was shocking and changed my life.

After a few years passed I stayed the path of an Art Director in the L.A. and Orange County communities. The lifestyle in advertising can endure long hours, hard deadlines and highly charged political environments. In this season were lessons in navigating communication strategies. Understanding words quickly, team dynamics and high emotions were a part of everyday life. I also maintained, developed and coached a long line of outside clientele. Most of these precious people could not afford expensive therapeutic counsel. By word of mouth, I was contacted by church leadership, P.h.Ds and many referrals to help extremely damaged people find their feet again. Psychology hasn't been taught the deeper places of the soul and spirit. And most of the time, the church doesn't know how to negotiate brokenness either. Through my own experience with trauma, I was able to navigate and assist wounded hearts back to health where psychology and theology had failed them. Then the Lord called me into a deliverance and healing ministry. He brought me a beautiful team of women to move with me, as well as amazing intercessors around the world who prayed with my team and I. We had a 1 1/2 year line out the door for years. Miracles, signs and wonders became an everyday phenomena. Isn't that the way it's supposed to be?


Having become burnt out and overly taxed in advertising, I heard my Dad's words, "Go do what you know how to do best." I dearly loved art and designing, but this really never helped anyone live a fuller life. My heart ached for the wounded that couldn't find answers. Understanding the complexities from my own healing process, I knew what it was like to be completely misunderstood, abused, utterly alone in my home and community - and pushed away by the church. Feeling better was a continual flow of learning and teaching myself and others. I'm led into coaching because I understand what it feels like. And I don't want anyone to walk alone through their pain.


Professional Certified Adversity Coach (CPC, CLC),

Certified Mental Health Coach,

Consultant, Mentor and Spiritual Life Coach. 


BS - Communications

Minor - Fine Art

Emphasis - Public Relations

Associate - Graphic Design

Professional Certified Coach
Advanced Practicum studies

Referred by - P.h.Ds, MFTs, doctors in the community, clients, church leadership, other coaches and word of mouth


I have successfully helped people with severe brokenness around the world. I support the therapeutic community with all my clients. PTSD and fragmentation are my specialties.


Lynn Mattina


​​Tel: (714) 292.3748

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