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I highly recommend Lynn. She is so gentle, loving, very sensitive and full of wisdom. I have been greatly ministered to by her and have seen over many years so many people whose lives have been greatly impacted and healed by her ministry.

Jenese Garland

Washington, DC

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My name is Pastor Martha D. Burrell. I have known Lynn Mattina for 15 years and have come to a trust and compassion for her and the ministry. We share the same ministry background and although I am a pastor/teacher we too have breakthroughs we need. Through the 24 years of me being in the healing ministry, countless people have come to me for help. However, when I need prayer, encouragement, support, and ministerial guidance, I turn to Lynn. She is one of the most trustworthy people that I have ever met.  Recently, I was struggling with some deep-rooted issues going back to my childhood. I was being hindered in my prayer life and could not push through. I contacted Lynn and she took me through an honest, confidential and cleansing session. My breakthrough allowed me to get back to that close relationship that I have with Father God. Lynn has been a blessing in my life and always will be. If one is serious about their relationship with the Lord and needs a Christian life in their walk with the Lord Jesus Christ, I highly recommend Lynn to encourage you each session she is offering. She will help you to take off that old man and put on the new man, once and for all. She will teach you through her methods of the healing process how to have abundant life in Christ, this side of heaven.

Martha Burrell 
Pastor, Teacher, Minister

Portsmouth, OH

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Lynn Mattina is a warrior for God and the Kingdom. We served on the Prayer Team at Long Beach Christian Fellowship for several years in deliverance, healing and freedom arenas. Lynn is a gifted servant that serves our Lord with a hearing spirit, committed to connecting people to the GodHead and hearing God’s voice. Lynn is a powerful friend and servant.

Mike and Lorrie Bostic

Lakewood, CA

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I have known and worked with Lynn for about 20 years. She is the tops, in my humble opinion. She helped me understand multiple personality disorder around 17 years ago and stood with me until it really took hold for myself and others. She always contacted the people I knew that needed further prayer, always joyfully and with great wisdom. She is truly an anchor and pillar in the Body of Messiah. 

One incident of how she sees in the spirit, our Lynnie the Seer: My mother was dying, she had recently come to the Lord, the rest of the family, unsaved and angry at me at this event, gave me no rest during my mother's last days. They told me that she didn't like your Messiah etc etc. I didn't believe them but I was unsettled. I phoned Lynnie and told her when my mother passed. A day or so later Lynn called and told me she had seen the Lord Jesus feeding my mother who was seated at His feet with fruit and bread. Lynnie did not know that my mother was craving those foods because all her food had been blended into a thick soup. My grief quickly changed to joy and I was at peace.

Thank you again Lynn.

Phyllis Harel

Paris, France

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Lynn is an amazing, gifted spiritual leader. Bottom line, she hears from God... like He's sitting right next to her. And she will teach you how to experience Him the same way. Her wisdom, guidance and insights heal whatever stands in your way. She is a powerhouse clothed in love... God's power and Jesus' love! :) I highly recommend any and all she offers.

Lori Koop, Business Coach

Sierra Madre, CA

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I met Lynn 4 months ago in our Spiritual Life Coach Certification Course. We were randomly assigned to each other as buddy coaches in the program. Early in the course I lacked confidence in my ability to deliver faith based guidance to coaching clients because I had no formal divinity training. Lynn spoke words of faith over me, applied her strong ministry wisdom and her powerfully informed Life Coaching techniques to the problem. As a result I now walk much stronger in the Lord and have the confidence to be a highly effective Spiritual Life Coach. In addition, she has given me more confidence in my own spiritual intuition enabling me to have a fuller relationship with God. I am so blessed to have been partnered with her and I look forward to a long term professional relationship.

A. Lewis, Spiritual Life Coach

Washington, DC

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I was a Christian for over 12 years who had attended seminary, served in the local church, and been a missionary abroad, but I couldn't understand why I would feel so good then periodically have breakdowns of anger, physical violence against myself and rage. After receiving prayer from Lynn in April 2017, I have absolutely no triggers and no explosions. I feel disconnected from rage completely. It is also like there no thoughts in my head since that prayer, just peace and quiet. My spiritual life has accelerated and I now pray for others' freedom and have began to see visions and receive words of knowledge for healing. My husband says I'm a whole new me and our marriage is solid (we had previously discussed divorce). I feel divorced from anger, even when I interact with my child. I am finally living a powerful Christian life; I feel like a warrior with a healthy inner life and family life.

Ami Goldhammer

Palos Verdes, CA

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The first time I met Lynn was when she was giving her personal testimony at a local inner healing seminar. I was deeply moved and knew this was a woman I could trust with my own story. One thing led to another and over time a mutual friend connected us. Since then Lynn has helped walk me through an ever evolving inner healing journey. We have stayed connected for close to 12 or more years now. She has been a constant source of hope, friendship and wisdom. She is creative, thoughtful, reliable and has a whole lot of heart. I trust her completely and would highly recommend her to anyone in need of someone who really cares and will go the extra mile to minster to your specific unique needs.

Karen Cohen

Altadena, CA

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Lynn Mattina is amazing. I have known her for years and know her to be very patient and understanding as well as insightful as she has helped uncover the hidden issues of my heart. She is very trustworthy and reliable as well as creative in her approach for healing and guidance. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of guidance.

Jeanette Brede

Fullerton, CA

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Lynn and I have worked closely with each other in our training to become even more well equipped  Personal & Spiritual Life Coaches. Lynn is intuitive, empathetic, encouraging and highly skilled in her craft of working with her clients in creating freedom in their lives, finding their voice once again and helping them to find their passions and answers. I highly recommend her as a Life Coach.

Deanna Lang

Personal & Spiritual Growth Coach

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It is a privilege to recommend Lynn. I have learned so much about myself through her guidance and support. I’m finally able to move forward with what has been holding me back due to her genuine concern of my well being and her ability to provide a safe space; one that allows me to look within and discover tools and resources I didn’t even realize were there! Her unique style provided an opportunity for me to make life changing breakthroughs yet allowed it to be at my own pace, for which I am extremely grateful. Thank you Lynn!

Susan Hurst

Professional Wellness Coach

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The Journey of Deliverance

The absence from the necessity for constraint.


Independence from the power
of those that bind you. 

Freedom from being constrained by your enemy, 

The freedom of choice where there was once none.


Regaining freedom and independence
where there were once chains that bound choice.


Freedom to grasp the authority, to regain power over oneself and spirit.

Freedom to fight in authority over your adversaries. 

Where the constraints once held you and bound you from fighting.


Freedom to win the battle. 

Freedom of choice to choose what is right or wrong
believing truth or lie. 

The choice to be free.

The choice to fight for your freedom.

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