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This paper is written for pastors, ministers, psychologists and anyone who has a client or dear friend suffering with severe PTSD within their midst and does not know what to do next. Consider reading this if your client or friend suffers from extreme childhood trauma or Satanic Ritual Abuse. You can also take parts of this paper and use it for people suffering from war traumas. This is not for the faint of heart nor is it anything to be played with. This paper is a study of my years in healing very fragmented individuals whom the church, theology and psychology has failed. This is written to help you find the pieces of a person who has been through such a significant amount of trauma that their lives are almost non-functioning. Be prayerful and diligent within much patience. This is not a quick process. The Lord will only go as fast as your client’s/friend's will - will allow. If you have any questions regarding understanding the elements within this paper or what to do next, please contact me. 

Integration and deeper healing for severe PTSD

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